What is stool withholding?

Stool with­hold­ing is a behav­ioral pat­tern that occurs when a child has an urge to defe­cate, but instead of doing so, holds back stool.  Stool with­hold­ing is often the result of a child’s hav­ing had a pre­vi­ous­ly painful bow­el movement.

If your child hides while poop­ing, straight­ens his or her legs while hold­ing onto a table or while hold­ing onto your legs, or gets up on his or her toes to do the “doo­dy dance” … wel­come to the world of stool withholding.

If you have seen any of these behav­iors, you and your fam­i­ly will def­i­nite­ly ben­e­fit from a train­ing con­sul­ta­tion to break this cycle and achieve true toi­let training.