Oh No… He won’t go…

Dr. Fred Daum can help treating your child with encopresis

Dr. Fred Daum

If your child is withholding stool, struggling with encopresis (stool accidents) or refuses to use the potty, our medical expert, Dr Fredric Daum can provide personalized  encopresis treatment by telephone.

Dr. Daum will speak to you every day to make adjustments in your child’s  treatment based on your feedback. He is available for your questions or concerns 7 days/week and will continue to work with you until success is achieved.

Dr. Daum is a board certified pediatrician and Pediatric Gastroenterologist with 45 years experience treating encopresis. He specializes in working with children who are unwilling or late to toilet train, withhold stool or have encopresis. These are children for whom the usual methods of toilet training have not worked.

The Encopresis Center with DoctorDaum can help if:

  • Your child withholds stool
  • Your child has encopresis (soils stool)
  • Your child has potty accidents
  • Your child had tummy aches or belly pain
  • Your child refuses to sit on the toilet
  • Your child is in diapers or pull-ups past the age of 3 ½ years
  • Your child cannot enroll in school or camp until toilet trained
  • Your child is not permitted in the swimming pool until toilet trained